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Knight Sir Louis and the Sinister Snowball
Book 4

The fourth in the series. But remember, you can read the books in any order you like.

Splint the Sinister Snowball has his icy eyes set on world domination with the help of his frosty siblings, Flint, Hint, Mint, Clint and Sharon. But champion dragon-slayer Knight Sir Louis isn't about to let Castle Sideways become smothered in snow! Louis rides off to the legendary Brrrrrland with his friends Catalogue and Clunkalot, but waiting for them are goofy goblins, a talking carrot and the biggest meanest snowball in the whole wide world...


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Knight Sir Louis and the gang are back with a frostily fabulous, epic adventure - and it’s a CORKER. Spectacularly silly with huge heart, Knight Sir Louis and the Sinister Snowball is a deliciously daft delight!

Miranda Dickinson, author

Absolutely hilarious nonsense. I even forgive them for spelling my name wrong in the title, that's how funny it is.

Louie Stowell, author of the LOKI: A BAD GOD'S GUIDE series

Reading Knight Si
r Louis is like being on a roller coaster with your nan's best mates whose teeth have fallen out and they're all giggling uncontrollably, it's a lot of fun!

Maisie Chan, author & winner of the Jhalak Prize & the Branford Boase Award


"Highly Recommended"

Sunday Express S Magazine

"We love Knight Sir Louis!"
Chosen for book of the week, Issue 623, December 2023

Phoenix Comic

"Perfect of fans of Louie Stowell’s Loki series or Jamie Smart’s Bunny vs Monkey books."

Tom, assistant head teacher, Check em out books

"If you are looking for a book to entice a child who maybe has not yet discovered the utter joy to be found within the covers of a paperback book, then I highly recommend putting a copy of Knight Sir Louis and the Sinister Snowball into their hands."

Veronica, chartered librarian, View from the bookshelves

"I would highly recommend this one! I finished this one in one go, I just couldn’t stop!"

Mehsi, Twirling Book Princess


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