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Shocking Reviews of Knight Sir Louis

How's that for a clickbait title?

But seriously, we love writing and illustrating these books and want you to join the family of folks who've read and enjoyed them. But don't take our word for how good they are. Check out this compilation of reviews (below) from children, parents, guardians, teachers, librarians and celebs. And this list IS shocking. Shockingly long and lovely.

All the best,

Myles and Greg

S Magazine from the Sunday Express with Knight Sir Louis
Knight Sir Louis recommended in Sunday Express S Magazine Xmas 2023
  • Hello to you both! Thank you first for your sensational book! We currently have a few copies of the Dragon of Doooom in class for the children to read, now that they've all read the first one, and they are currently reading it in groups of 4 at a time, that's how desperate they are to read it! 😂 It truly has just inspired the children even more with their reading and writing and that is a joy to see. Miss Stone, Year 4 Teacher

  • Reading your books, laughing, and coming up with voices for all the characters stands out as some of the best times I’ve had with my kids. You guys are hilarious and the comedy in your books for all ages is genius. Phil

  • My 7-year-old and I both love it. Loads of laughs and he keeps returning to it. We want more Brothers McLeod!! We want more!! Parley

  • I love this book so flipping much as it makes me laugh a lot lol. Wooooooo. Lucy

  • What a great story: creative, surprising, delightfully funny. I can't wait for the next one. Steven

  • My 11-year-old son loves this book it hilarious. Anonymous

  • I’m only 7 but you smashed it. It’s just the best of all. Please make more pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase I really want more of them!! Anonymous

  • So good 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 🔟 out of 🔟 moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo 7. Charisse

  • It’s just really, really, really funny. Katie’s son

  • 8 year old son couldn't stop giggling at the antics and voices in this story! CC19

  • I am a child and I think it was the best book ever 👋 Simon

  • I found it exceptionally amazing. especially the brilliant humour. and the crazy king burt. Aaron

  • Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good. Extremely best book ever in the world. Sarah

  • impossible to not laugh. Louise

  • SHE LOVES IT. I think it's fun, hilarious, bonkers, and great for kids. K

  • very funny. I would definitely recommend it. loved it for sure. Anonymous

  • Me and my sister love this! I love how the chapters aren't boring and have funny names. Chapter Hotter is my favourite. My favourite characters are Pearlin And Mr Catalogue. M@H


  • My daughter is five and finds the whole Knight Sir Louis books hilarious. It has definitely been written for adults and children alike! Charlotte

  • I loved this book - boy aged 9. Hilarious characters and great adventures. CY Ekman

  • This book is FUNNY! I loved the book! It was very funny and very interesting! Laura

  • Verry goooooood. Goood. I think as a 9 year old that it was soooo funny I would recommend it to lots of people. Carlie.

  • It was just so good. T.Greb

  • PLEASE MAKE MORE BOOKS. absolutely fantastic 👏 I absolutely loved this book it is a really good story and really funny. Debra

  • The best please write some more of these amazing stories i love them make some more thank you the Brothers McLeod. Sophie

  • LOL 😎🤔😂So good. Isabelle

  • Would recommend to people who like comedy. Anonymous

  • Perfect. Love it make another one soon. Love it sooooooooooooooooooooooow much perfect love it bye. S.E.Bright

  • 🤗 me likey!! Hope you like it too!!!☺ Kenaida

  • I wanted to put 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars for everything but I can’t. 😢⭐️ I think this is a great story for all ages and it’s amazing! 😂 To amazing in fact that me and my brother couldn’t keep are mouths shut from laughing! 🤣😜😆🤭😝😂😹 Half painted house.

  • absolutely amazing. love 5 star everything. my favorite bit was when they were doing the giant battle. favorite character is clunky. THE BEST ONE EVER. I.C Daniels

  • I just love knight sir Louis so so so so so much from Samuel Henderson

  • So goooooooood I’d put 999999999999 stars if I could. 100000000000 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. It’s hallerios. I LOVE it. You need to get it NOW. Aggy

  • It was good and slimy extravagant spectacular magical amazing fantastic delightful experience yes because good. C Weston

  • It is ammaaaazzzzzinnnngggg and reallly really really really really really funny. Ruben aged 9

  • Incredible. It was an amazing 🤩 book make more so many MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE. Sarah D

  • The Brothers McLeod are great writers. KJ Leach’s son (7)

  • Reading this to my son and he is laughing out loud, great book! Sass

  • Bought for a 10 year old grandchild. He loves it and the other books in the series. Moni

  • 5 out of 5 stars. 8-year-old says it's hilarious. My 8 year old son loves this series. Betty Spaghetti.

  • We discovered these books through our audible subscription and the free books you get in that. This one in particular is a favourite and has been listened to 100s of times. Purchased the hard copy and my reluctant reader has read from cover to cover. Written in such a way that it has captivated the 9 year old who tells me all about the adventures of Knight Sir Louis and in this book in particular he loves the character Knight Sir Merry Jingles. Wiggiewoo

  • My 8-year-old laughed with delighted joy all through this hilariously wacky adventure. Stephanie

  • An absolutely hilarious masterpiece! Louise O’ Connell

  • I would highly recommend this one! I finished this one in one go, I just couldn’t stop! Mehsi

  • This storyline and plot was brilliant and I loved all the intricacies of the plan, the journey and the final battle. Sonja Charters

  • Funny, silly, adventurous & more funny, Sami, 8

  • What a fab book! Little Mr 6 loves reading the pictures & listening to it being read to him. We haven't gone a night without Knight Sir Louis' adventures!Thank you for helping him discover the joy of reading for himself! Rebecca

  • Highly recommend these books - brilliant stories on the love of adventure, being brave, and exploration. Dr Naomi Lott

  • My name is Seb. I am 7. I love all your Knight Sir Louis books

  • Clunkalot is my favourite and I love the adventures they have. Every chapter ends on a cliffhanger. Ava

  • My year 5 son absolutely ADORES Knight Sir Louis by The Brothers McLeod. Literally side splitting! Cherry

  • My Year 4 class and I have just read and adored Knight Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel. Miss Stone

  • I can’t stress enough how excellent the Knight Sir Louis books series is. R has been a big fan for several years. Parents / teachers / people looking for loverly literary gifts for children full of adventures, silliness, kindness and a touch of the absurd – get yourself into these. Marshmalison

  • I think the brothers McLeod are really good at telling stories because Knight Sir Louis is funny in so many unimaginable ways. Annabel, 9 years old. Books Up North.

  • One of the funniest books I’ve read for a long time. Philip at the Oak National Academy

  • I liked it because all of the book was really really funny. This book made me feel happy and I want to read more in this series as a 5 ⭐️ book. Rubiroo, aged 9

  • This was the funniest book ever, I loved the sword and Clunkalot the horse. I have asked mum for the other books in the series! ELK37, aged 8

  • What a funny book! I was laughing at lots of parts in this book. Ibrahim, aged 10

  • My 9 year old boy loved it and I could hear him chuckling to himself while he was engrossed in the book. He couldn't put it down. He has now got his sister of 7 yes old to start reading it! A.I.Wilford

  • A real laugh out loud story full of character and adventure! Alexander, aged 10

  • I’m now reading this book for the fourth time in a row because I like it so much! It’s really funny and makes me laugh. LittlePeach

  • I loved this book as it was LAUGH OUT LOUD! It is completely bonkers, all the character are so fun so if you want to laugh, I recommend this book!! I cant't wait to read the next book in the series. Bweemz, aged 10

  • Can’t wait for the next book in the series. EoinyWill, aged 9

  • Absolutely hilarious. I just had to read it to my family so we could laugh out loud together. So funny, a must read by everyone, can’t wait for another book in series. Matty10, aged 10

  • The story is one of the most funny stories I have ever read. NivanS

  • It’s a really well told story and I will definitely be checking out other books by these authors. This book arrived to me on our last day before half term, and was already eagerly grabbed up by someone in my class, who has declared it a hit already! Year 5 class teacher

  • “Not easy to get a dyslexic emerging reader excited about a book but Brothers McLeod did it again.” Parent, H Fletcher


  • A silly, snowy comedy adventure packed with illustrations. Highly recommended. Sunday Express S magazine

  • ‘Sublimely funny and seriously entertaining… the ideal way to get your youngsters hooked on reading’ Lancashire Post

  • “Perfect of fans of Louie Stowell’s Loki series or Jamie Smart’s Bunny vs Monkey books” Tom, assistant head teacher, blogger at Check ‘em out books

  • “For reluctant readers looking for rip-roaring fun” Seven Springs Education

  • “We love Knight Sir Louis” The Phoenix comic

  • In need of a good laugh? We give you #KnightSirLouis, which is hilarious and highly illustrated and just a little bit silly. Perfect for kids (& grown ups) aged 5+ Parrot Street Book Club

  • This book was brilliant. Super funny and we can’t wait for the next one. Parakeet subscriber, Parrot Street Book Club

  • Dazzlingly silly and brilliant fun. Matt Brown, Author of Compton Valance / author of Dreary Inkling series

  • The Brothers McLeod's scratchy penmanship and casual attitude to the conventions of story-telling spin the fairy tale in a new direction, as if Hans Christian Andersen had cornered you in a pub and got his own yarn in the wrong order, or The Brothers Grimm had squeezed up next to you with a Tupperware box of home-made sandwiches on a long coach journey. Knight Sir Louis is an epic non-epic saga. Stewart Lee, Comedian

  • A scampering, walloping fantasy adventure, brimming with ludicrous magic and fizzing with irresistible comedy. Peter Lord, Co-founder of Aardman Animations

  • Probably the funniest book I’ve ever read. A masterclass in silliness! Gary Northfield, author of Julius Zebra series

  • This is a really funny book, and will appeal to anyone who likes adventures and laughing. Philip Reeve, Author of the Mortal Engines series

  • Sublime daftness on every page, Jeremy Strong

  • I love these books SO much! Mr Gum levels of weird and brilliant! Read this. It will very probably make you laugh like a drain. Jo Nadin

  • My youngest read this in one sitting and insisted that we use this in our book boxes - it's laugh-out-loud silly, entirely original and brilliantly illustrated. Parrot Street Book Box

  • My six-year old has just told me [Knight Sir Louis] is the best book he's ever read. Both of these books are stone-cold smashers … Buy them. Stuart Heritage, journalist

  • [A] ridiculous appealing story. Wacky, original, fantastic and funny. Alison Hurst, School Librarian journal

  • Sublimely funny and seriously entertaining, this is the ideal way to get your youngsters hooked on reading… and medieval mischief! Lancashire Post

  • Knight Sir Louis and the gang are back with a frostily fabulous, epic adventure - and it’s a CORKER. Spectacularly silly with huge heart, Knight Sir Louis and the Sinister Snowball is a deliciously daft delight! Miranda Dickinson, author

  • Absolutely hilarious nonsense. I even forgive them for spelling my name wrong in the title, that's how funny it is. Louie Stowell, author of the LOKI: A BAD GOD'S GUIDE series

  • Reading Knight Sir Louis is like being on a roller coaster with your nan's best mates whose teeth have fallen out and they're all giggling uncontrollably, it's a lot of fun! Maisie Chan, author & winner of the Jhalak Prize & the Branford Boase Award

  • "If you are looking for a book to entice a child who maybe has not yet discovered the utter joy to be found within the covers of a paperback book, then I highly recommend putting a copy of Knight Sir Louis and the Sinister Snowball into their hands." Veronica, chartered librarian, View from the bookshelves

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